About us

About Us

The founders have more than 10 years of experience in this industry and we are looking forward to growing our business with you. Our vision is to become a global player in the food industry and we plan to expand to new markets and develop new products and flavours constantly. With exquisite taste, impeccable quality and competitive prices, we have entrenched ourselves as one of the most preferred manufacturers of instant soup, instant noodles and instant juice items etc. with the combination of fair business principles, efficient service and solid products, we expect a successful and growth oriented future. Regarding credibility as the first priority, we conduct all our operations in a professional way. Due to the manufacturing of excellent quality products, we have established a strong reputation in the market. All our food products are made of quality raw materials.

Why Us

We apply cost-efficient systems to provide our customers with a marketplace advantage that is critical in sustaining a point of difference in today’s competitive world.

Whatever people love about food, we aim to ensure they can trust us to source, make, distribute and market our brands in a way that’s beneficial to everyone. We maintain stringent systems and processes that assure the quality of our products and brands. We further provide customers with an intimate knowledge of the market and exclusive product knowledge that adds value to supply chain. 5 reasons to talk to us:

  1. We know what you want and we can make it
  2. Export Quality Standard
  3. Use of quality raw materials and free from harmful ingredients
  4. Private label is welcomed
  5. Cost Competitive

Our Brands

We are manufacturers of Instant noodle, Instant Soups, Noodle Snacks and Instant Mixes. Our factory is located in Tamil Nadu, India. Here are some of our brands: